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Candle wax used in F.YULAGI

Did you know that there are several types of wax that make up most of the candles?
Depending on the application, such as the difference in melting point and the difference in raw materials, we may use them properly.

Uses"Soy Wax", a material that is environmentally friendly and has a long burning time

"Soy wax"is used as the wax that is the raw material for candles.
Soy wax is made by hydrogenating soybean oil. Due to its high biodegradability, it is considered an eco-friendly candle.

In addition, the melting point melts at a low temperature of 47 to 57 degrees Celsius, and since it quickly changes from solid to liquid, the scent spreads well and you can enjoy a long burning time.

As an inner sustainability brand that creates daily introspection, we use wax that is not only environmentally friendly but also spreads the scent quickly.

Also, I would like you to experience the spread of the scent the moment you open the lid without lighting it.