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[Simulated experience of bonfire at home] F.YULAGI products

I went to the camp the other day and bonfired.
While feeling the charm of the bonfire, I knew that the candles of F.YULAGI would be a product to experience the bonfire at home.

Why outdoor elements are important

In recent years, the demand for outdoor activities has increased, and the remote work rate has also increased.
What do these mean? We consider it"fatigue in our daily lives".

Why don't you make time to look back at yourself with the power of candles and improve your quality of life?

I feel that the demand for"unusual"outdoor activities is increasing because more and more people are doing all their work and personal life at home.
Among them, I felt something close to the time of the campfire and the value of the candles we handle.

Bonfires are one of the most extraordinary times in the outdoors.

Whether you are alone or with someone, you can indulge in your thoughts while staring at one fire, and you can communicate a bit differently than usual.

The main reason for this is that"only fire is in the darkness."

Being able to see only the fire in your field of vision allows you to concentrate and relax.

We have developed a product that can reproduce such an experience at home and in daily life.

In order to block fire and other information, it is necessary to emphasize only fire.

Therefore, in F.YULAGI candles, the height of the can is low and the width is wide as shown in the above figure to prevent the light of fire from coming out of the can as much as possible.

Furthermore, by making the color of the can black, the shadow created by the fire and the color of the can are assimilated.

In this way, F.YULAGI candles reproduce the experience close to a bonfire by sticking to the height, width and color of the can.

As the remote work rate increases, more and more people are living a life that is always connected to others. F.YULAGI aims to be an inner sustainability brand that allows you to experience extraordinary life with a single candle under such circumstances and create time for introspection.

* What is inner sustainability?

Inner sustainability, as the word implies, means"sustainability of the mind."

To contribute to others, you must first be sustainable. You can contribute to others because you are healthy.