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Would you like to enjoy how the candles melt?

An aroma candle that you can easily enjoy by placing it on your desk and lighting it.
However, in fact, candles have another element that can be enjoyed besides the light of fire.
It is"care for wax". The way the wax melts depends on how the fire sways and the difference in the burning time depending on the usage time.

Before explaining how to melt the wax, I will explain the basic method of caring for a candle.
When a candle is lit, it melts from the wax close to the fire. This also melts in various ways depending on the shape.
F.YULAGI candles take up a large area horizontally, not vertically, so they melt in such a way that the center is dented.

Candle core cut

There is one work I would like you to do here.
That is to"cut the candle wick a little".
The wax in the center melts, and when the distance between the fire and the wax comes out, soot comes out and the size of the fire becomes extra large.

In order to always use it in the best condition, you can enjoy the beautiful light of fire if you cut it diligently.

Actually, I decided to take this trouble on purpose.
Vertical candles require less work than those that take up a large horizontal area.
The shorter the distance between the center and the width, the more naturally the whole melts.

I want you to enjoy the time when one thing slowly melts away.
For that, we needed to get everyone's attention.
It may seem like a hassle, but I hope you enjoy it while observing the candles, even if it's just a little.

Cut the wax

By the way, after cutting the core and keeping the light of the fire clean, it is finally"wax care".
The light became beautiful after you cut it earlier, but the wax is still dented only in the center, isn't it?

Excuse me. Actually, the wax doesn't melt by itself.
I want everyone to cut it.
It is recommended to cut off the part where the height is exposed with a cutter.
Soy wax is a very soft material, so if you are worried about the blade, you can scrape it with a ruler.

Hasn't it changed significantly from the initial flat shape?
After cutting it down, you will feel the natural beauty that is not present when it is flat.
It has a magnificent atmosphere, like a stratum, like a mountain cut down.

Actually, I happened to find this usage when I made a prototype.
However, the inner sustainability that F.YULAGI values is realized by incorporating the elements contained in nature into everyday life.

A product that leaves"labor"

I definitely want you to enjoy this discovery.
With that in mind, I knew that it would be a hassle, so I decided to go through such a process.

You can enjoy something completely different by changing the shape a little.
I think that is also the fun of candles.

By the way, since I have to do this much maintenance, I decided to put it in a container.
This is to control the wax that melts.
A product designed with the brand's thoughts in mind, where it is bothersome and easy to use.
It is a candle of F.YULAGI.

It's a hassle, but I sincerely hope that you will feel calm when you use it, and that you want to be a little more enthusiastic.