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F.YULAGI's inner sustainability

This time it ’s about what the brand is thinking.。

F.YULAGI aims to make time for introspection in a life that is always connected to the outside world with the idea of being the first step to the spiritual world.しています。

In my busy days, I don't have time to look back on myself and I feel somehow emptiness.う。

The brand started based on personal experience, but I'm sure there are many people who have such troubles without knowing it.ます。

That's why I think it's necessary to deliver value that goes beyond just having candles picked up.す。

There was no item related to human maintenance in the SDGsった

Every time something happens lately, societies and businesses often put the 17 indicators of the SDGs on the agenda.。

Contents that everyone is working together in the world Of course, I think it's good to think about how your efforts work here because it can be a kind of objective.ます。

But one thing I noticedた。

I thought that some of the SDGs covered environmental welfare education and even the economy with the theme of sustainable development goals, but there is something missing.ます。それは

「Actually, there are no items that touch personal feelings」

about it。

Of course, it is necessary to make it a universal index, so it is natural that it is composed of items that are quantified to some extent, but it is us human beings who work on any item.す。

I began to feel that we should approach after ensuring our mental and physical safety as a base.した。

Inner sustainability, not sustainabilityティ」

I used a candle when I was too busy with time.。

The time I spent staring at the fire in the dark room was very calm and I was able to properly deal with the task in front of me.た。


The word I found in that situation is inner sustainability.です。

By taking good care of yourself, you can face others and the surrounding environment.。

It was exactly the experience I felt。


I wanted to create a brand and convey this idea so that the idea of being for others today does not overwhelm myself.ました。


What you want to achieve with F.YULAGI

At F.YULAGI, I would like to create a world view that focuses more on individuals from this perspective.。

It's not in the SDGs right now, but it may be more obvious than it sounds, but it's important to us.こと。

「We will create a moment when each person looks at himself with the word "first step to the spiritual world".ます。