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The history and possibilities of candles

When do you have candles?

This time, I would like to think about the history of candles and the possibilities of modern candles that triggered the completion of F.YULAGI.

Do you know when candles have existed?

Candles are said to date from the 3rd-4th centuries BC.
It seems that the early days were made of beeswax material. Candles have their own history in various parts of the world, although the times are different, and they have developed with materials rooted in the local culture.

[For example in Europe]
The oldest candles in Europe are believed to have been produced and used by the Etruscans, who built civilization on the Italian peninsula before Rome. Around the 9th century, there was a shortage of olive oil in Western Europe and tallow was used for candles.

Candles around this time may have been very useful in daily life, such as being used as a clock for royalty. European candles used tallow for candle production for a long time, but in fact, it seems that this tallow, soot is easy to come out and the smell is unpleasant, so it can not be said to be a complete form in terms of function.

[For example, in Japan]
The history in Japan is relatively newer than in Europe, and it was first introduced in the Muromachi period. At that time, I was told how to make wooden candles.

The production of Japanese candles was started in the Edo period, but the goby wax material used for Japanese candles seems to be very expensive because it took a long time to collect, and it was out of reach of ordinary people. It seems. That may be the reason why Japanese candles were not so familiar in our lives.

Lifestyle changes and candles

Candles used to be used as clocks and later lighting in various countries around the world, but gradually disappeared due to the rise of technology.

With the invention of industrial light bulbs by Thomas Edison, candles will be given the seat of everyday goods in earnest. The role and potential of modern candles Candles that have long supported people's lives and have surrendered their position as daily necessities through new technologies.

Even so, some people still keep candles at home and use them. What candles can do is the same as it used to be. What has changed is that it is used like an old clock, that is, it has a non-functional value of modern"enjoying the scent and fluctuation of fire"from the standpoint of being a necessity.

Even though its functionality has been replaced by something else, it is still used by many people. That is a modern candle. However, I feel that there is more potential for candles.

I think it can establish a new standing position, like the traditional simple hobby items to mental health products. It looks like it hasn't evolved at all, but in other words, we haven't fully unlocked the potential of candles for hundreds of years.

I would like to sincerely work on candles that still have a deep taste as a product of F.YULAGI.