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Concentration and Trataka Meditation

This time, I will introduce the concentration of people and the meditation method using candle fire.。

Humans can't concentrate originallyい?」


Somehow I can't concentrate on my work. For some reason, even if I'm reading a book today, it's hard to get the letters in my head.い、、。
Isn't there such a time??


If you were a student, you might have cleaned your room even though you had to study for a test.。

Don't you think you can't concentrate at all?せんか?


However, when you think about it, it is natural for an animal to be unable to concentrate.す。

Rather, we have survived by not concentrating.です。


For example, when hunter-gatherer was common, there would have been many natural enemies around us as well as prey.う。

If you concentrate only on hunting for prey in such an environment, you will not be able to notice when attacked by a natural enemy and you will die.す。


It has saved us that we are not focused no matter what we do.です。


In addition to that, it seems that the structure of the brain of modern humans and the structure of the brain of humans in the hunter-gatherer era are almost the same.す。

With that in mind, it is a natural premise that we cannot concentrate, and we are made so that we cannot concentrate.のです。


However, even so, in modern times there is no danger of being attacked by natural enemies, and concentration is important for living and working.切です。

I hope that the power of the candle's fluctuation of fire will help everyone who works hard while understanding the structure of the brain and the gap that is required today.す。


Meditating with candle fire may help you to calm down and refresh your mind to rejuvenate you from tomorrow.ん。


Trataka meditation using candle fire想」


Have you heard of Trataka meditation??

Trataka Meditation is Trataka, which means to stare in Sanskrit.ラタカ(Trataka)」It is a traditional yoga meditation method that focuses on one point and focuses on something.す。

You can achieve this method of meditation by staring at the candles in a dark room.。


Nothing special is required。

All you have to do is dim the room light a little and light the candles.す。

You can reset your tiredness while staring at the candle fire.。


It seems that it is said to have the effect of adjusting the balance of eyestrain and sleep autonomic nerves.す。


also、F.YULAGIWhen used in a dark room, the shadow created by the candle's fire is assimilated with the black of the container and you can enjoy purely the candle's fire.す。


The world of meditation that Steve Jobs loved界

It is well known that Steve Jobs adopted Zen thinking, and its element, mindfulness meditation, seems to be of interest to many.うです。

Especially in recent years, attention has been raised in the business scene, and is there an increasing number of busy business people thinking about incorporating meditation as a method of daily reset?か。


Also, I am happy that the meditation method is meditation using candle fire.す。