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The reason why F.YULAGI candles unify black

F.YULAGI candles are designed based on black regardless of whether they are single or set. There is a reason to stick to this point and unify the whole with black.

I just wanted to shoot the fire in the dark

I want you to turn off the light of the room and use it in a dark room. There is such a feeling at the root.

And when you use a candle in a darkened room, the black color of the package melts into the darkness of the room, and only the light of the fire comes into your eyes beautifully.

We want you to enjoy the candle fire purely, not anything else, so we designed it like this.

I want you to do digital detox

It also makes a lot of sense to encourage its use in dark rooms. That's because I want you to do"digital detox".

In an environment where you can see digital devices, no matter how calm you are, a single notification will block the environment. At F.YULAGI, one of our goals is to create a space where the light of the digital device seems to be an obstacle because we recommend using it in the dark and design it to look the most beautiful in that situation.

The conditions are the same, such as taking a bath or deep in the mountains where radio waves are not connected.

However, I was thinking about the product, hoping that it would be easier to do that.