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About the brand F.YULAGI

F.YULAGI is an inner sustainability brand for introspection time. I decided to launch a brand because I wanted to create an opportunity to stop for a while and think about myself for modern people who spend their daily lives without taking care of them.

What is inner sustainability?

Inner sustainability, as the word implies, means"sustainability of the mind."

Reasons for emphasizing inner sustainability

Generally speaking, when it comes to sustainability, many people think of the SDGs. It covers items that humankind should work on, such as"Let's get rid of poverty"and"Health and welfare for all", with the environment and education at the top.

However, there is only one item that is not included. It is an indicator that focuses on the"individual".

Many people work for others and devote their time and energy. It is a very noble and precious act in itself. However, aren't you thinking about yourself or cutting your rest time?

In order to contribute not only to sustainability but also to others, we must first be sustainable. You can contribute to others because you are healthy.

Why I chose candles as my first product

I chose the first product of the brand F.YULAGI as a candle because of my own experience.

While I was working myself, I was doing my best because I wanted to contribute to others. However, when I realized it, I couldn't make time to think about myself slowly. In such a state, I started using candles for relaxation.

The scene of the fire swaying in a slightly darkened room is strongly memorable.

I decided to treat candles as a first product to reflect my feelings at that time.

What F.YULAGI wants to achieve

What I want to convey to you through F.YULAGI is"the importance of making time for introspection."Get to know yourself deeply and use the understanding you gained in your relationships with others. I would like to become a brand that will give such an opportunity.

We look forward to working with you in the future.