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What is"1/f fluctuation"that creates healing?

There is a scientific basis for healing

There are scientific reasons why you can feel comfortable or relax from the bottom of your heart.

The swaying of candle flames, the sensation of waves and the chirping of birds. Unpredictable and irregular fluctuations that are abundant in nature. That is"1/f fluctuation".

"1/f fluctuation (F-bun's fluctuation) is a fluctuation in which the power (spectral density) is inversely proportional to the frequency f. However, f is larger than 0 and takes a finite range."

"Fireflies, come on! -Science of Firefly Light-Excerpt from Shimizu Koubundou Publishers by Nobuo Abe

If we can live in nature, we will be surrounded by fluctuations of 1/f in our lives, but we who live in cities do not have such an environment.

This is because artificial objects dislike"fluctuations (non-standard)". The more you go to the city, the more the concrete jungle surrounded by buildings. I think it is difficult to stimulate the aesthetic sense that human beings originally have in a space composed of straight lines and right angles.

A modern society that eliminates fluctuations and is streamlined. We want to bring"1/f fluctuations"into your life because it is a modern society that has lost the"fluctuations"that it originally needed.